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WizzSecure updates services such as SSH, Apache, MySQL, cPanel with security features and best practices. Firewall and brute force detection will detect and block incoming tasks, sysctl hardening cover your kernel. Your server will be checked in over 25 areas of concern.  After our securing is done we will provide you an audit report and 14 days worth of support on the security we have implemented for you. By choosing WizzSecure you will save time and money by increasing the security, performance, and reliability of your server.  

Please note that we recommend server hardening and Wizzsecure on newly setup servers due to some of the updates we perform.  For example some older applications and services rely on insecure permissions.  Please note we are happy to work with production already setup and running servers but we want you to know that there may be some troubleshooting after the audit.  For this reason we have included a support package.  You may select your customized securing options during checkout.