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  • DDoS Protection UDP Sensitivity Levels

    December 31, 2011 by Michael K
  • ​Dear Clients,

    As you may know it is not easy to provide DDoS protection and it is even harder when preserving certain audio and video transmission.  For example Camfrog uses UDP but the DDoS protects against UDP floods.   So you should know providing DDoS protection while still providing a good clean network capable of rich audio streaming is not easy task.  Our network teams have been working with DDoS appliance vendors and attack specialists for most of 2011 to improve our service levels for DDoS protect servers.  

    As of December 2011 with the latest RioRey custom firmware, we can adjust the UDP sensitivity on IPs in our East USA Ohio datacenter to the following levels:

    0 - no DDoS protection (Streaming/Camfrog high usage/no attacks - whitelisted).  Most regular streaming services that are not risk of DDoS attack should use this setting.

    1 - low DDoS Protection (Streaming/Camfrog high usage (many rooms) - least amount of protection)

    2 - medium DDoS Protection (Streaming/Camfrog light usage (few rooms) - more protection)

    3 - highest DDoS protection (not recommended for Streaming/Camfrog applications and most streaming services)

    These adjustments are used when troubleshooting audio/video stream issues.  Camfrog users experiencing issues should switch between settings 1 (low) and 2 (medium) UDP sensitivity if you are being impacted by attacks or having audio/video issues.  Users with a low amount of rooms should consider being whitelisted to remove the DDoS protection. Our support team can take care of these adjustments for you simply submit a ticket.

    Thanks and let us know if you have any questions.  Happy new year!

    Wizzsolutions Network Team

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