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  • Bluemile Network and DDoS Appliance Status Update Nov 9

    November 9, 2011 by Michael K
  • This announcement is an update to the previous post [Bluemile Colombus Ohio Connectivity Issues Nov 4-7 (Update Nov 7 10PM EST)]

    We have found that some of the recent connectivity drops started as far back as August 18, 2011. The frequency was not as often as it was this week but there were still drops.  We have traced this back to a firmware update performed on August 18.

    We have downgraded 1 of our Riorey boxes to the firmware that we had before the upgrade. Our network team has placed the Riorey back up and in-line, and we have limited traffic going through it right now.  Currently the subnet is the only subnet routed through the Riorey. We made this change around 8PM EST on today November 9, 2011.

    We have been watching graphs and have not noticed any drops.  If you have servers on the subnet and notice any disconnections, please open a support ticket. We can route traffic away from the Riorey if there is a problem.  Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


    Wizzsolutions Network Team

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