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  • Bluemile DDoS Appliance UDP Sensitivity

    October 12, 2011 by Michael K
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    This announcement is depreciated
    Please view [Bluemile DDoS Appliance Update Nov 10] 10/11/2011 for more information

    Dear Clients,

    We have recently received an update for our RioRey DDoS appliance in the Bluemile datacenter.  After the update we noticed that some clients had issues with camfrog and audio/video streams.

    To correct this issue we have been adjusting the UDP sensitivity for ip addresses that pass through the DDoS appliance (network wide).

    We can perform the following UDP sensitivity updates for your IP addresses in the Bluemile datacenter per support ticket request within your login:
    increased (more protection for DDoS)  -- Recommended setting of 3 or 4 for DDoS impacted servers
    decreased (more stable for audio/video) -- Recommended setting of 2 or 3 for all Camfrog servers
    ​removed -- completely whitelist or remove IPs from the DDoS appliance, suggested fix for clients that are not risk of DDoS

    The levels are 1-5 (5 being highest) and we can adjust them with your cooperation and feedback on application performance.  Since we have set our UDP protection to 4 network wide, DDoS attacks have drastically decreased, however this has impacted some audio/video traffic and caused packet loss.  To correct, we have adjusted the level for many clients to 3 and camfrog and audio/video traffic has improved greatly.

    Please contact our support team to have the UDP sensitivity increased or decreased for your servers IPs if you are having trouble.  Open a new ticket and include all server IPs that you wish to have this adjusted for and we will take care of it quickly.  


    Wizzsolutions Network Team

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